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Celebrating Grandparents Day with an extra special gift they will truly remember

To many, they are a symbol of wisdom, humility, thoughtfulness and absolute care. Just look at how they cuddle with our children whenever we visit ‘em folks on holidays and other special occasions. It’s as if we are transported back in time, back when we were the same precocious tykes as we sit atop our parents’ laps

We can honor them in so many ways to remind them that they are still being cared for and not absolutely neglected. Simple gifts like cards, bringing our children to their homes, updating them of what’s happening to us about our own lives, simple things that do matter to them that they treat as extra special.

After all, they are still family, though we, their children, have our own now. Their presence is a constant reminder that they have their own role now as grandparents to their children’s children, with the obligation of seeing to it that whatever good things and wisdom they imparted to their children before, their children will do the same thing to theirs.

Perhaps one other special gift we can give to grandparents today is something to show that we absolutely value their health. Nowadays, as the environment slowly becomes more perilous than ever, especially with the presence of the ever-dangerous coronavirus, it’s about time we check on the quality of the air they breathe in their own homes. Is it safe? Does the air in their home have dangerous pollutants that grandparents should not breath, considering their age?

For this Grandparents Day this coming September 12, let’s celebrate their presence by making sure that the quality of the air they breathe is top-notch and good for their health. Give them a gift they will surely love because they will show much you love them, a uHoo air quality monitor.

As they remain at home because of the prevailing threat of the coronavirus being airborne, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control (US CDC), they should just remain at home but should also be protected by other dangerous

What’s best, the uHoo comes with the world’s best uHoo Virus Index that features a 1-10 scoring system. This way, family members or even our grandparents themselves can determine if there’s something wrong in the air they breathe and react accordingly.
air pollutants.

With uHoo air quality monitor, you can be sure that pollutants that may irritate or harm their eyes, nose and throat that may result in headaches, fatigue or dizziness, are noticed and eradicating these pollutants are acted upon. Using the uHoo enables you to see these pollutants that were previously unseen and help guide the family in identifying the kind of air that’s present in the home in order to protect our grandparents’ health and wellbeing.