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Indoor air can have a lot of allergens, like dust
mites, pets, cockroaches and mold.

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Allaying allergy fears in autumn

Once the leaves start to fall, worries about allergies also begin to fall in our minds.

That’s because autumn signals a problem for those with allergic reactions to certain physical conditions related to autumn. While falling colorful leaves may be sight to behold, the risk of developing allergies during this season is not.

For many, certain seasonal allergies manifest itself as autumn beckons: runny nose, where rubbing it sideways would mimic playing the harmonica, reddish eyes that many can’t stop rubbing vigorously to relieve themselves of the annoying itch, even the unpretty sniffles and sneezing, especially now that when one sneezes, everyone almost think of “Covid.”


Indoor air can have a lot of allergens, like dust mites, pets, cockroaches and mold. Dust mites are tiny creatures that can be found in many homes. They thrive in furniture, carpets and bedding. People with pet allergies are usually allergic to proteins in the pet’s urine, saliva or dander (dead skin cells). Pet allergens can collect on many surfaces. Sometimes the allergens may remain at high levels for several months and cling to walls, furniture, clothing and other surfaces.

Even increased humidity in the autumn can create lots of health-related problems.

But why suffer when you can help defend yourself from autumn-induced allergic reactions? You may like to browse through these simple tips on fighting allergies and preventing them from manifesting this autumn so we can lead normal and productive lives.

Airborne pollutants are totally manageable, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world for you. Just be sure to know how you can treat yourself against allergic reactions with available remedies and effective housekeeping strategies and taking the necessary precautions.
Perhaps an effective strategy is by way of being able to see what airborne pollutants are in the air so you can counteract them. They are invisible, yes, but not totally, especially through the sensors of a uHoo Smart Indoor Air Monitor.

This indoor air quality monitor, diminutive in size, yes, but powerful enough to let you see the once-invisible enemies in the air that may harm the air everyone in the house breathes, can be an effective ally during the autumn.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already said that it’s best to prevent the person from being exposed to the pollutant as long as it can be identified, which is what uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality monitors can do.

With the uHoo’s world’s best uHoo Virus Index and its 1-10 scoring system, it is easy to know if dangerous air-borne viruses are present, even the coronavirus, so you can take proper steps to make the air breathable and safer for the whole family.

By optimizing air quality, you avoid seasonal and other allergies. Knowing the right temperature, humidity levels makes you sleep better regardless of season so when you wake up in the morning, you feel totally rested and recharged, ready to tackle work or learning at home worry free, be more productive and better yet, healthier because of safe and healthy air.

So, are you ready for autumn? With the intelligent uHoo Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, you will be.