Air quality in home is a topic not often discussed. uHoo, an air monitor company, wants you to ask the question: Is the air in your home safe or is it a breeding ground for harmful bacteria?

According to uHoo, sudden migraines, irritation in the eyes and nose, are symptoms of bad air. Normally harmless activities, such as cooking, or indoor paint, wet towels, corners with high humidity are some sources of bacteria and molds, all of which, can affect the air around you.

In some cases, there are multiple sensors, each one designed to track air activities: For instance, a sensor for air temperature, or carbon monoxide. Here, uHoo speaks up about the uHoo indoor air monitor, which has multiple sensors to determine air quality. These sensors include:

  • Temperature – monitors the optimal temperature for comfort and better sleep
  • Humidity – helps prevent the promulgation of molds
  • Air Pressure – minimize joint pains
  • CO2 – high CO2 levels are linked to headaches loss of productivity
  • TVOC – minimize chemicals in the air
  • PM 2.5 – avoid allergens
  • CO – lessen the heavy feeling of fatigue at home
  • NO2 – identify fumes before they can cause harm
  • Ozone – alleviate irritations

So, instead of getting nine different sensors, you can get them all in uHoo.

The uHoo indoor air monitor retails online for $329 and is available from the company website or in Amazon, which does ship to the country.

Original Post from Manila Bulletin Site.