As more and more people have been using uHoo around the world, we have gotten interesting feedback from some clients regarding their experiences in “making the invisible visible.” There are trends in the daily life cycle of a living and breathing home — it is a misnomer to think that an indoor space stays stagnant most of the day. The analogy would be similar to how an indoor plant looks the same throughout the day, but putting it in front of a time-lapse camera would show that its leaves move and follow the sun throughout the day. It’s the same with your IAQ, or indoor air quality.

Generally speaking, CO2 levels are low in rooms without people and increase once more and more people inhabit that space due to breathing. Physical activity hastens this as well. But there are also some other nuances to note — such as how TVOC and PM2.5 levels can increase close to lunchtime because of cooking indoors. This buildup has been known to cause headaches and allergies.

Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there: headaches, asthma and other allergic reactions to dust, harmful gases, and other particles can now be monitored in real-time so you can track trends in your daily cycle. Indoor air quality needs to be taken seriously, with the WHO reporting over 1.8 million deaths due to poor indoor air in 2008 to a rise of 3.7 million in 2012.

None of these indoor reactions would have been quantified if not for the presence of an indoor air quality monitor. Its main purpose is to “show” you the air you’re breathing by tracking 9 different air parameters through the device’s built in sensors. Monitoring temperature, Carbon dioxide, TVOC, humidity, air pressure, nitrogen dioxide, PM2.5, and carbon monoxide, among others, uHoo can compile this data into one easily understandable virus index that gives actionable points on how to directly improve the air you breathe indoors.

uHoo is a global air quality management company, having been recognized as a 2020 CES Innovation Awards Honoree. Learn more at

Stay healthy and breathe easy.