You know every corner of your house. You memorize the stain spots on the floor and the walls. But there’s one thing that may have escaped your expert eyes. You may not know it, but the air in your home may hold a few mysteries. Air pollution is a thing, and it may hit home more closely than you would have thought.

1. It is five times more dangerous than outdoors

Air pollution isn’t limited outdoors. In fact, the air in your home may be two to five times more dangerous than the air outdoors! What’s worse is that we spend 90% of our time indoors — in our home, office, or at school. Indoor air quality in general is worse than outdoor quality, simply because the lack of ventilation can trap pollutants in a home, even with ventilation systems. Enclosed spaces naturally prevent air from escaping, and this can become a real air quality issue.

2. Air quality can be measured

Yes, the air may be invisible, but there are ways to measure it: hire a professional or use air quality testing kits or use air quality sensors. Measuring air quality gives you an objective view of the air in your home and you can take the necessary actions to improve it. Technology nowadays makes it easy and affordable to install sensors in your own home. Indoor air quality is especially important to measure for the risk factors outlined earlier.

3. Cleaning products can worsen air quality

It’s ironic that the very thing you use to clean your home can actually worsen your home’s air quality. But the truth is dozens of cleaning supplies sold in supermarkets release dangerous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are notoriously known as carcinogens. The health dangers of VOCs cannot be overstated.

4. You can improve air quality by using plants

Plants are not only for aesthetic purposes. Aloe Vera, Peace Lily, and Boston Ferns are NASA-approved plants that can help filter the air in your home. Aloe Vera, for instance, can absorb benzene, a harmful chemical, which is commonly found in paint. With a little help from nature you can easily improve the air quality in your home.